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Satin Ribbon
Satin ribbons are used in every kind of textile and apparel industry, for packing the gifts and also used to decorate your kid's dress. Most of the kid’s dresses are done with these bright colored and beautifully textured double side satin ribbons that have the marvelous color retention capacity. Even you can check the presence of single or double side satin ribbons in the parties where these are used as a piece of decoration. Satin ribbons are very light in weight but quiet strong and long lasting. Width, color, texture vary a lot and you can get wide range of all these. Various other fabrics are blended with satin to make the more presentable ribbons.

Features of satin ribbons are:
Satin is a smooth, luxurious. Most of the satin ribbons have one side glossy and other side plain but double satin ribbons are also there and mostly used for decoration purposes. This creates a smooth, shiny finishing to double side satin ribbon tapes from both sides.

Following are the uses of satin ribbons:
Satin ribbon adds a luxuriant appeal to dresses, frocks, gowns, lingerie, socks, party wear and also wedding cakes. They are used for gift packing and on bouquets. Satin ribbons also have symbolic and ornamental purposes.
Satin ribbons are also used to ornament buildings, room, homes, animals, bodies and other parts. Even it is also used in typewriter.
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