Jacquard Polyester Tapes in Ireland,Manufacturer of Jacquard Polyester Tapes in Ireland,Supplier of Jacquard Polyester Tapes in Ireland

Jacquard Polyester Tapes
We supply an exclusive range of jacquard polyester tapes, which meet the demands of high performance areas. These tapes are uniquely designed and constructed for high durability, strength and printability. These tapes can be customized as per the individual‚s requirement and without any minimum order restriction.

- Medical
- Clothing
- Industrial safety
- Footwear

HT-01 - Cotton Printed
Herringbone Tape
HT-02 - Spun Polyester
Herringbone Tape
HT-03 - Spun/Polyester
Herringbone Tapes
HT-04 - Spun/Polyester
Herringbone Tapes
HT-05 - Polyester
Herringbone Tape
HT-06 - Multicolour Polyester
Herringbone Tape
HT-07 - Polyester
Herringbone Tape
HT-08 - Multicolour Polyester
Herringbone Tape
HT-09 - Multicolour Spun Polyester
Herringbone Tape
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